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Notes from our friends...
A picture tells a thousand words. Yet the notes, emails and letters I receive from our customers and LPGA friends portray a wonderful story. A story which paints a picture of the company I am proud to be part of:  SanSoleil... Sun Care You Can Wear...
Thanks!  Very good customer service and quick responsiveness.
You could teach a class called "keeping customers!"
I love the shirts, and will keep checking the website.
Thanks again for the quick and thoughtful reply !
TRR Sent from my iPhone
July 2015
Dear Kevin,
Thank you for the sponsorship of the LPGA Team Championship in Palm Desert. I love the shirt! We really appreciate the support of the SanSoleil.... Best in 2014, Elena...
Elena King, LPGA Class A 2013 Golf Digest Best in State 2013
CAGGY Award Best Instructor for Women 2011 LPGA Central
Dear Mr. Kevin Knight,
Thank You for your sponsorship of San Soleil for the LPGA National Team Championship at Palm Valley Country Club. I know everyone enjoyed the great shirts you provided for the pros. I love the designs and colors. Thanks Again,
Mary Ann Quijada Head Golf Professional,
LPGAOctober 15, 2013.
Dear Kevin:
SanSoleil has come up with the perfect sportswear for the avid sports enthusiasts. Your UPF 50 SolTek fabric not only blocks 99% of the sun’s harmful rays but also looks great. Those are two elements that are important when tennis players go to buy clothing to wear on the court. ….
Kind regards,
Robin Reynolds
2014 ITF World Championships


Just want to let you know I received my 2 tops.  I am an avid golfer and spend many hours outside in the sun.  I recently was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that makes me photosensitive.  I purchased a San Soleil shirt from our pro shop.  I loved the way it looked, but more importantly protected my arms from the sun.  I  am recommending them to all my fellow players and hope to see more of these protective layers on players in the future.  I am also recommending our Pro carries more designs and choices for our members.

I love my San Soleil wear.


Christine Musser

June 2015



Love your product, I wear mine while riding and like the new equestrian print, will you possibly make another without a white background?

Thank you! Karen

July 2015


Your Shirts allow me to play golf freely without the fear of the sun's damaging rays. I have had melanoma, squamous cell and basal cell, too many skin cancers, too many scares, but refuse to hide from the sports I love.

Love your shirts have helped many of use play our game on peace,

Thank you for this product.

Vickie Clark

June 2015

Womens tech polo- golf for women- womens golf tops
Dear Kevin,
I would like to personally thank you ... It was such a pleasure to see your booth at the LPGA Team Championship in December 2013. And thank you again for your wonderful shirt ‘ SanSoleil’. It really is a great product and I am very happy to wear it. I find it a great name … because in French sans soleil means without sun and of course it means there is a sun protection …
Beatrice LPGA Teaching & Club Professional Swiss PGA Professional
Golf apparel for women- womens golf- sun protective golf- women golf button up- women golf- golf for women- womens golf clothes
Kevin, Thanks so much for the shirt you gave us for the LPGA Team Championship. We all appreciate your friendship and support of our organization, and I love your shirts. They are the best, and so are you.
Thanks and happy new year,
Allison Finney
Dear Kevin, Thank you for your continued support of the LPGA T&CP. The national team event was a great success and all the players looked great in their San Soleil shirts! I'm love playing in our tournaments because I know I will be getting a great shirt.
Take care,
Heather Drew
"Fashion Takes Center Stage At 2013 PGA Merchandise Show”
A personal assessment of the apparel side of the PGA Show by TL Golf Service’s Coordinator of Events and Marketing.
By Kayla Champagne
Aside from some of the usual favorites, I found a few new items—or items that were new to me, that I felt were impressive and a must-have for the golfer. The first was “Sun Care You Can Wear…” golf and active lifestyle apparel from a company called SanSoleil. SanSoleil makes mostly women’s tops and cover ups that are UPF 50 and designed specifically to protect golfers and outdoor enthusiasts from the sun’s harmful rays.  SanSoleil apparel also uses a SolTek technology which provides wicking, which controls moisture and helps the fabric dry quickly. Diane Knight, head merchandiser explains,  SanSoleil started about 5 years ago with the simple thought to create an attractive sun protective polo for women golfers, and because of popular demand we continue to grow and and offer more men’s garments as well.”



First let me thank you for having Deanna send me the shirt.  I had already two on your close out to test and love them.  I know I will recommend them to all my students and may try to carry a few in my gift shop.  You have a fan.


Secondly, I have a new situation in my life and dealing with it made me think about your products and a potentially new market for you.  My wonderful husband was diagnosed Christmas week with a terminal lung disease, idiopathic pulmonary fibrous.  Over 40000 people die each year from this.  There is no cure so we have a limited time together.  However, only in last October did the FDA approve a drug that other countries have been using for several years that significant slows the progression and sometimes halts it. Unfortunately it costs around $8500.00 per month.   As a Vietnam Veteran with Agent Orange issues, we have been trying to get the VA to approve the use of it for him.  Just last Friday, they do so.  He will start taking it this week.  That's the good news.

So what does this have to do with SanSoleil?  It turns out that the drug makes you highly photosensitive and you have to cover up, wear lots of sunscreen and hats, etc.  That's when I thought of your products.  They are fashionable, comfort in most climates and safe.  Then I begin to think of people who have diseases like lupus and others.  Can you tell that I have been in marketing a large part of my career?  I am always looking at things and wondering what else I could do with it.  I don't know if you have thought of pursuing this concept as a secondary area but I decided to share this with you.  

I will, of course, be ordering a couple for my husband because they will make his life more comfortable.


Thank you again.

Beverly Williams LPGA Teaching Professional


UPF 50 Men's Golf - Tennis Tops and Women's Golf - Tennis Clothing
UPF 50 Men's Golf - Tennis Tops and Women's Golf - Tennis Clothing
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