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SanSoleil creates many wonderful UV 50 designs. This search box enables a quick view of items or categories.

For instance: Are you looking for SanSoleil's UV 50, long staple, Egyptian Cotton Golf tops?

Type "cotton" into the search box. Voila! All SanSoleil's UV cotton Golf tops are shown. 

Type "Mock," and all our wonderful zip mock tennis and golf tops will be featured. Type Polo, all our Golf polos, both button and zip.

Type Dresses.... well, you get what we mean.

But, just in case, if you can't find what you're looking for, please calll 800-654-6773 ext. 107 for Teresa; or email

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For Great Design, Form Must Follow Function

Design at SanSoleil follows a simple formula: Form follows Function. Designing a sun protective top requires beginning with the fabric. We demand UV 50 protection for our fabrics. But that is just the start. Our fabrics must be comfortable to wear in the hot sun while performing a sport. SanSoleil incorporates wicking, easy care and quick cool to enhance the garment’s value. To enhance the cooling effect further, SanSoleil has added netting to the inside of the arms. This athletic netting acts as a baffle, adding air flow, around the body, while walking.

The evolution of apparel design has led SanSoleil to create not only a top for golf, but an essential health care item too. SanSoleil Sun Safe Sports apparel is pure function when it comes to sun care, and art in its exclusive print and style design. Many experts in sun protection have said there are only two ways to protect yourself from the sun: “Stay inside or wear sun protective apparel.” SanSoleil apparel design offers a beautiful garment to the avid outdoor athlete.

Designing sun protective apparel is a long, and arduous, process. It’s one thing to develop a top for sports, but another entirely to create a sun protective top. It's extraordinarily hard. The steps in product development, sewing and testing are completed over and over again. Yet, when it gets to the market, our customers are looking for something beautiful. If it’s not, it won’t sell.

SanSoleil believes in this symmetry of products that are beautiful products that function. Our tops will work for you; they will make your life more comfortable; they will make your leisure time more enjoyable.

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SanSoleil... Sun Care You Can Wear...

for Golf, Tennis, Swim and Equestrian.

800-654-6773  Kevin@SanSoleil.comm

Sans (without) Soleil (sun)

SanSoleil creates the finest sun protective clothing for men and women. Our goal is simple: Design the best UV 50 Golf, Tennis and Equestrian clothing. SanSoleil garments are extremely light weight, wick perspiration from the skin, dry quickly, reduce body temperature and offer UV / UPF 50 sun protection.

Women Golfers, Women Tennis Player and Women Equestrian Riders all rave about their SanSoleil tops. To see their comments go here: "Notes from Friends."

Men Golfers and Men Tennis Players are discovering the benefits of SanSoleil Sun Protection. Professional Golfers Adam Scott, Rory Sabbatini, Tom Kite, JC Snead and Arnorld Palmer have all experienced skin cancer.

For more information on Sun Protection and Sun Protective apparel for golf, tennis, equestrian and swim go to: SanSoleil Sun Protective Facts

SanSoleil's newest fabric, SolCool was created specifically for men golfers and tennis players.See "SolCool" for more information.

SanSoleil creates several sport specific fabrics with UV 50 protection. To understand the benefits of these exclusive SanSoleil fabrics go here: SanSoleil Technical UV 50 Fabrics.

SanSoleil will continue to lead the development of new mens and womens sun protective apparel. Please feel free to email with questions.